About Us

Viking Janitor Supplies stocks, distributes and services over 3500 items related to janitorial, sanitation, safety, and floor care. Our mission is to provide consistently outstanding service products, and solutions to our customers. 

We source the most innovative products which provide superior results with minimal effort. Find advanced chemistry and unique equipment that pair together for customized cleaning methods: no matter the size of your budget or your staff.

You can browse by room, surface, or cleaning type, and order products easily online.

If you’d rather speak to someone directly, call us or visit our store to speak with one of our seasoned veterans in the commercial cleaning industry for personalized service, Monday through Friday.

Viking has been around for decades, and with our collective experience, it’s tough to present us with a problematic situation that we haven’t seen before. We can guide you to an easy solution. Our personalized service and continued customer support sets us apart from competitors and big box retailers.