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Greasy grimy hands have you chapped?

The term “Grease monkey” may be a term of endearment, but no one appreciates a handshake or a big hug from a “Grease Monkey” If working on machinery or vehicles is part of your life than greasy, grimy, chapped hands are a bigger part of your life.Why? Well most mechanics use an industrial soap to [...]

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​Ever wonder how do you get the perfect rubber or vinyl gloves sizing? 

Do you always order rubber or vinyl gloves that are either too big or too small for you and your team? If you’re wondering how to find your glove size once and for all, use our printable sizing chart or one of our other methods and tipsDetermine your glove size by using Viking Janitorial Supply Glove [...]

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​You need trash bags! Sounds simple right... Think again not all trash bags are created equal

Do you use the right trash can liner for the right job? Chances are your not!Lets start with 2 simple questions to ask yourself before you buy trash bags 1. Do you want high density or low density? 2. How thick do you want or need them to be? These 2 questions alone will make you [...]

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Cleaning toilet bowls is a job that most cleaning professionals struggle with

Cleaning professionals typical use acid based cleaners to try and remove hard water minerals, scales or rust from toilet bowls and in most cases these cleaners leave deposits behind, allowing for the hard water, scales and rust to keep coming back over and over again. So what should you be doing differently? Well, the good news is [...]

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Good Smells the Olfactory Effect

How Olfactory pronounced älˈfakt(ə)rē,ōlˈfakt(ə)rē Memory Affects Your BusinessMemory recall relating to odors (also known olfactory memory) has a huge impact on patrons from restaurant to gas stations, convenience stores, Casinos or any other business that customers come in to. A study in Las Vegas showed that customers spent 45% more when in a pleasantly scented [...]

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