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​Top 4 tips to protect workers from the Coronavirus


The key factor right now is that there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, but organizations and business need to keep working and the only way to protect yourself and others is to incorporate strict control and guidelines according to CDC and state recommendations

Remember this is not the first health pandemic we have faced. In 2003 we faced the SARSoutbreak. This outbreak is why we started putting antibacterial sanitizer in most offices. According to some health professionals, the coronavirus could be a once in a century pathogen, meaning it could change our lifestyle habits and workplace.

We have chosen the top 4 tips to help protect workers from COVID19

Tip 1: Schedule for regular cleanings of handles, knobs, and other surfaces that are touched often. Add removal clear film to protect elevator buttons or other electronics that can not be sprayed directly. Consider installing motion-activated lights, faucets, toilets, and hand-dryers

Tip 2: Society has talked about creating a remote workforce for years and some companies have been successful in making that transition. If you haven't made that transition it’s time to create a plan to become efficient at working from home from time-to-time, employees will be better equipped to work from home on days they are feeling sick or when they are afraid of catching a pathogen.

Consider a workspace that can maximize video conferencing. This includes thinking through office space design to add phone booths or small conference rooms over individual offices so people can connect better with those working from home.

- Invest in personal laptops, tablets, and phones for your employees, so they aren’t sharing keyboards and computers. Employees can commute with their devices. Giving every employee their own devices that they are responsible for will limit the number of wires and desk objects so cleaning crews can keep your office space clean and healthy. ‘

-Invest in blue tooth technology in your conference rooms. Employees should be able to use their cellphones to connect to conference calls that play in your conference room without having to touch the speaker or a shared phone.

Tip 3: Keep installing hand sanitizer in every conference room, shared spaces, and reception area. We started doing this nearly 20-years ago. This will NEVER go out of style. Even if no one uses it, you are singling to all visitors that you expect your office to be clean and healthy so employees and their visitors can thrive.

Tip 4: You can never have enough disinfect wipes. Wipes should be placed throughout the office to help with disinfecting surfaces frequently. We know wipes are hard to come by right now – Read our blog Why are DISINFECTING WIPES almost still extinct? There have been some innovative solutions to this issue like classic brands DIY wipes that uses a reusable tub and lid and refillable wipes system to allow you to use any disinfectant like NEUTRAL LEMON SLAM DISINFECTANT- Proven to kill coronavirus on surfaces Tip 5: Update first aid kits –Latex gloves and surgical masks can come in handy if your employees are worried. Stock up on all over the counter first aid, so your employees feel you have their best interest at heart.

It is vital to not just think about coronavirus but also about future pathogens and the health of workers. For more information on how you can protect against the coronavirus contact one of our specialist at Viking Chemical 410-525-2100 or info@vikingchem.com

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