Save money and lower cost with this cleaning approach

Posted by Viking on Jul 26th 2022

Save money and lower cost with this cleaning approach

Save Money With A Reduced Cleaning Approach


Even with advances in technology and equipment, cleaning services still rely heavily on manpower. And because labor accounts for 55 to 65% of janitorial expenses, creating efficiencies is key to lowering costs. For additional cost savings, implement a 3/2 reduced specification approach.

In a 3/2 cleaning approach, full facility cleaning would occur three days per week, typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On these three days, all existing tasks and frequencies continue to be completed in all areas. On the two other days — typically Tuesday and Thursday — only “critical” building areas receive their regular service at the same frequency. These critical areas often include lobbies, breakrooms, cafeterias, and restrooms. Noncritical building areas are not cleaned, vacuumed, or trashed these two days.

As a 3/2 plan is implemented, your service provider should work closely with you to identify any problems and make necessary adjustments — ongoing operational evaluation is critical to a successful 3/2 program. For example, some sites might require additional trashing in designated areas.

Keep in mind that certain building areas, such as executive offices and suites, may need to have additional tasks added back on the reduced days. For high-end offices or retail facilities, any customer-focused areas might also require special attention.

If your 3/2 plan is properly implemented, you could expect to see cost savings almost immediately, depending on your building type, occupancy and staffing plan.