Deep Carpet Cleaning: The Easiest Guide Part 3

Posted by Viking Chem on Nov 20th 2022

Deep Carpet Cleaning: The Easiest Guide Part 3

Deep carpet cleaning: Deep carpet cleaning returns the carpet to a relatively clean condition and uses systems that extract accumulated soils and cleaning residues at a higher intensity to maximize removal of embedded soils. Frequencies of deep cleaning depend on effectiveness of maintenance, location of carpet, traffic intensity, or use and manufacturer’s requirements.

Deep cleaning should be implemented before the soil in the carpet is easily visible. In order to preserve carpet aesthetics and life cycle, as well as any applicable warranties, utilize products in the CRI’s Seal of Approval program along with carpet manufacturers’ cleaning recommendations and/or guidelines.

If the manufacturer is unknown, follow procedures from CRI 204 Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning.

When deep cleaning carpet:

•Always vacuum first.

•Follow directions for mixing solutions carefully.

•Apply pre-spray, following manufacturer’s label instructions

•Agitate into the carpet’s fibers.

•Allow pre-spray to dwell as necessary.

•Extract using a SOA-approved deep cleaning system. (In general, CRI-tested water extraction systems achieved the highest rankings on the SOA list.)

•Allow to dry.

oSupply natural or mechanical ventilation during the cleaning and drying phases of deep cleaning. Adequate ventilation is necessary to speed drying time. The use of commercial air movers (drying fans), HVAC air handling systems, or dehumidifiers greatly reduce drying time.

oLimit access to damp carpet until it is completely dry to avoid slip and fall as well as re-soiling of the carpet. Place wet floor signs strategically as necessary.

NOTE: When cleaning under chair mats, have a plan for removal and replacement. Chair mats should not be replaced until the carpet is dry.