Good Smells: the Olfactory Effect

Posted by Viking Janitorial Supplies on Oct 25th 2021

Good Smells: the Olfactory Effect

How Olfactory pronounced älˈfakt(ə)rē,ōlˈfakt(ə)rē Memory Affects Your Business

Memory recall relating to odors (also known olfactory memory) has a huge impact on patrons from restaurant to gas stations, convenience stores, Casinos or any other business that customers come in to. A study in Las Vegas showed that customers spent 45% more when in a pleasantly scented environment than in an environment with no scent at all. This also means that good smells can boost sales.

What is Olfactory Memory?

Olfactory memory is memory recall relating to odors. Commonly, when studying olfactory memories, scientists focus on explicit memory, or memories that you perceive occurring. Studies have shown that memories relating to smells tend not only stay in your mind longer but are easier for you to recall. There have also been studies that suggest smells are not just good at recalling memories but will trigger emotional responses relating to the memory of that smell.

Are you helping your customers increase business by using olfactory memory? Based on a recent study sent out to Cleaning Companies, Facility and Maintenance personal about 43% of the respondents said they don’t use air fresheners which could be costing your customers increased sales, why should you care? Well if you own a cleaning business that cleans retail, restaurants etc.? there might be a chance to increase your cleaning schedule thus increasing business which more profit for you!

What can you do? The 1 st step is to contact a local Janitorial Supply Specialist they can help guide you to the right scents for your application. In some case, you will be able to get free samples. 2nd consult with your clients mention the benefits of Olfactory Memory and how it could increase their profit. This approach will not only help you but help your clients in a valuable way.

Viking Janitorial Supplies offers a wide variety of in-stock scents to tap into the olfactory market of making your clients linger longer. Contact us @ 410-525-2100 or a or contact a Janitorial Supply Specialist to see how we can help