Greasy grimy hands have you chapped?

Posted by Viking Janitorial Supplies on Oct 25th 2021

Greasy grimy hands have you chapped?

The term “Grease monkey” may be a term of endearment, but no one appreciates a handshake or a big hug from a “Grease Monkey” If working on machinery or vehicles is part of your life than greasy, grimy, chapped hands are a bigger part of your life.

Why? Well most mechanics use an industrial soap to wash their hands; most of those soaps will dry out your hands while removing the grime, simply because there are not enough emollients within the soap to protect your hands while removing grime. Also to often industrial hand soap are made super aggressive to remove the greasy grime but will ruin your skin.

Time to protect those “Grease Monkey” hands with a USDA certified bio-based product like Viking Walnut blast which is an environmentally friendly industrial soap that does not contain petroleum distillates, or dyes. The super concentrated formula reduces hand soap use by up to 75%. Viking Walnut blast uses crushed natural walnut shell scrubbers that are less abrasive to skin and superior skin emollients and skin conditioners that will not dry or crack hands.

We are so sure this product will not only clean greasy, grimy hands without drying or chapping your hands we offer a free onsite no risk dispenser with soap to prove that Viking Walnut Blast industrial soap is the right choice for any “Grease Monkey”

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