How Does Soap Destroy a Virus?

Oct 25th 2021

People rarely think about how soap actually works to remove germs from hands.

Watch this video which simply explains how the process works (specifically on COVID-19) and why it is so important to wash for 20 seconds.

Can You Wash Too Much?
The overuse of hand washing and hand sanitizing can cause skin to dry out and crack. Being too aggressive in hand hygiene can strip away the proteins in the top layer of skin, compromising the skin barrier and leading to a risk of infection.

During this time when people are needing to increase their hand washing, the increased frequency can be particularly problematic for people with particularly dry skin or sensitive skin conditions.

The solution? First, quickly and thoroughly dry your hands. Allowing your hands to air dry has a drying out effect on the skin by reducing the skin’s natural oil when the water evaporates. Similarly, using a clean paper towel is faster and more effective at maintaining the natural oils in the skin than using a hot air dryer.

Second, use a good moisturizer. Our Health Guard® Hand & Body Moisturizing Lotion is a unique blend of emollients, Aloe and Vitamin E to help condition the skin, restore natural oils and relieve dryness. It is available in various dispensing systems including wall mounted dispensers, gallon pump bottles, and smaller 1000mL portable pump bottles.