Not All Trash Bags Are Created Equal

Oct 25th 2021

Not All Trash Bags Are Created Equal

Are You Using The Right Trash Can Liner For The Right Job? Chances Are You're Not!

Lets start with 2 simple questions to ask yourself before you buy trash bags 

1. Do you want high density or low density? 

2. How thick do you want or need them to be? 

These 2 questions alone will make you rethink how in the world do I pick a trash bag for the right application

Let’s start with different types of density that trash bags are available in

Low density bags are thick, flexible and highly resistant to punctures and tears. These bags are idea for trash and waste that contains sharp edges, odd shapes or extremely weighty debris.

High density bags are much thinner and more economical in price but is not suitable for extreme trash or waste situations. Many times you see custodians double bagging trash because the initial bag chosen was too thin . Once you use 2 bags for one job the cost efficiency becomes a moot point and becomes wasteful and inefficient. That is why it is important to choose the correct bag for each location based on need that should be re-evaluated from time to time. 

High density liners are a perfect solution for office trash, shredded paper, restroom waste or any type of trash environment that is free of sharp objects which could poke through the much thinner bag and cause a zipper tear releasing all of your bagged trash or waste onto the floor!

You can instantly tell the difference between the two types of bags by their feel and sound . High density bags are much thinner and offer a crinkle sound upon touch. Low density bags are much thicker upon touch and offer no noise upon movement.

When you need a new trash bag be sure to consider some of these basic points so you can keep with in budget while managing your trash and waste situations effectively

If your still unsure which trash bag you should be using for the job, you could always contact a  Janitorial Supply Specialist, they can help guide you in making the right decision based on your needs