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White Bread Experiment will make you want to wash your hands

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This Simple Bread Experiment Is a Genius Way to Get People to Wash Their Hands

Washing your hands is important really important. But how can you visually demonstrate the importance of this valuable life skill to kids?

As teacher in Idaho Falls recently showed on social media, all you need are a few slices of bread.

Together with co-worker and behavioral specialist, they conducted this classic classroom activity with their students: they got the kids with various levels of hand cleanliness to touch pieces of plain white bread taken from the same loaf on the same day.

Single slices of bread were treated in these ways:

1. Untouched

2. Rubbed on classroom Chromebooks

3. Touched with Unwashed hands

4. Touched with Hand Sanitized hands

5. Touched with Soap & Water Washed hands

Then, they sealed the bread in individual plastic bags to see what would happen one month later.