Round Sand Screen Discs - Case of 10

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Screen products can be used on a variety of surfaces such as hardwood floors, natural stone surfaces, and concrete. Ideal application would be refinishing gym floors or for the repair of painted floor surfaces. They may be used wet or dry and are recommended for use on low speed machines which operate at 175-350 RPM. The uniform open mesh construction of our screen products combined with our superior coating and bonding technologies, helps produce an exceptional finished product with long life and better performance. Features a tough screen backing, extremely fast cut rate, extremely long life, coarse grits available in 80 to 150 grits, can use both sides of disc - rinse and reuse until worn. Available in diameter sizes 15" - 20" and Grits 60 - 220. Some size combinations are special order. Please contact us for more information. Sold by the Case of 10.