AirX80 Sanitizing & Deodorizing Carpet Shampoo

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The first concentrated formula registered by the U.S. EPA as a sanitizing carpet cleaner to kill putrefactive bacteria .... Still the only formula developed specifically for carpet. Others may kill similar bacteria, and clean the carpet, but the AirX80 formula excels in resistance to resoiling.

Use on all colorfast carpet. Low foam for any method or equipment (extraction, bonnet, rotary shampooing). Now EPA
registered for Low Moisture cleaning and specifically for rejuvenating carpets stained by mold or mildew. Other products do not have this claim.

EPA REGISTERED - EPA number (1459-74-44089) indicates AirX80 was made specifically for carpet. Numbers for competitive products
confirm they are primarily for hard surfaces.

VERSATILE - Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes with any liquid method and equipment. EPA registered for low moisture use.

ERASES FOUL ODORS - Contains quaternary ammonium compounds to kill putrefactive bacteria. Proven odor counteractant erases odors in the air.

DEEP CLEANING - Based on patent for emulsifying heavy, greasy soil without solvents. Quickly, safely penetrates, dissolves and lifts oils and greases. Automatically cleans hoses during use.