Enzymagic Stain & Odor Digester - Pint

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For removal of stains and odors from incontinence, sickness, pet accidents, blood, spilled food and drinks in carpet, upholstery, table linen, bedding, clothing, and around toilets, urinals, etc. Works nature's way, but faster Over 12 billion enzyme producers per quart Works immediately to erase odors Safe on all surfaces Safe for personnel Easy to use Long shelf life. Sold individually or by the case of 12.


It works like magic to erase stains and odors without solvents, harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing. Enzymatic literally eats and digests organic matter nature’s way, by bio-enzymatic action. Each quart of Enzymagic contains 50 billion enzyme producers chosen for their appetite for the organic matter that causes stains and odors that are not removed by typical spotters.

Enzymagic is available in: Quarts & Gallons


Works Nature's Way - Bio enzymatic action liquefies, and digests organic matter without need for solvents, harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing.

Over 12 Billion Enzyme Producers per Quart - Chosen and blended especially to eat and digest organic matter that develops stains and odors.

Works Immediately to Erase Odors - Contains a proven odor counteractant that starts to eliminate odors in the air even as the enzymes are developing.

Safe on all Surfaces - Enzymagic is neutral in pH and contains no solvents. Will not harm any colorfast textile, leather or plastic.

Easy to Use - Just apply Enzymagic to problem areas and allow to stand. No need for scrubbing or rubbing. 


Meets the requirements of nylon products for use on their brands of stain resistant nylon and is recommended for use on all carpet fibers including wool.