Viking Eliminator Enzymatic Bathroom Odor Counteractant - Mango, or Cucumber Melon or Cotton Blossom Scents

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Do you have a smelly bathroom? Do you have carpet stains, odors, or urine? Viking Eliminator quickly eliminates a wide range of malodors through bio-enzymatic action that consumes the source of the odors.  This non-toxic, biodegradable concentrate is packed with enzyme-producing bacteria and powerful fragrances.  It is effective against malodors caused by pet accidents, urine, vomit, decomposing food, water smoke damage and many others.  Excellent for use in grease traps and drains. Great for use in bathrooms for urine odors. Some customers also use as an air freshener. May be purchased by the Case or Each. Packed 4 gallons per case. Available in Mango, Cucumber Melon or Cotton Blossum scents.