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WOW! Furniture Polish is an all-natural polish which cleans and polishes without any streaks and residue. It gently removes dirt, dust and fingerprints off any wood surface and leaves a nice brilliant finish without any waxy build up. 6/16 OZ. BOTTLES PER CASE.




Cleans and Protects Many Wood Surfaces:





 Tables


 Chairs


 Cabinets


 Paneling


 Engineered Wood


 Antiques


 Veneers


 Particle Board


Effective Against:





 Dirt


 Smudges


 Fingerprints


Features and Benefits:



Safely cleans and polishes without streaks and residue


 Gently removes dirt, dust and fingerprints off any wood


 Enhances the natural beauty and depth of the grain


 Protects wood with a nice brilliant finish without waxy build up


 Non-Flammable


 100% Natural biodegradable organic ingredients


 Packaged in a 16 ounces bottle with flip up cap – 100% (live) product versus aerosol


 Made in the USA


Target Users:



Building Maintenance


 Churches


 Apartment and Condo Complexes


 Hotels


 Schools and Colleges


 Marinas


 Resorts


 Restaurants


 Hospitals


 Convention Centers


How to Use: Wipe On/Wipe Off


Shake well before use. Squeeze directly onto a clean, soft cloth then wipe onto surface. Rub in a circular motion. Dry and buff using a clean soft cloth in direction of grain.