12 Gallon Wet / Dry Vacuum with Front Mount Squeegee Combo Tool Kit

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The structural foam head is rustproof and durable. Both the head and the tanks come complete with a 10-year warranty. The flexible dump tube permits quick and convenient emptying to a floor drain while the unique tip and pour system allows the tank to be emptied even when a floor drain isn't available. A vapor barrier can be added to the unit to eliminate moisture simply by putting a 13" floor pad into the top of the wet float assembly to prevent any foam or stripper from reaching the vacuum motor. Includes 29" Front Mount Squeegee, Hose, Wand, and 16" Wet Floor Tool. The Front-mounted squeegee can recover water at 10,000 sq. ft. per hour. Motor: 1200W, 1.6 Hp. Water Lift: 100". Airflow: 95 cfm. Power Cord: 42'. Weight: 44 lbs. Noise Level: 64 dB(A).