CT15B 14" battery-powered automatic floor scrubber

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Compact 14" battery-powered automatic floor scrubber effectively and efficiently cleans all types of hard flooring. Automatically dispenses cleaning solution, scrubs floor with an easy on/off brush or scrub pad, and vacuums up dirty solution all in one forward motion.

Solution tank holds 4 gallons of cleaner, recovery tank holds 5 gallons of vacuumed up dirty water. Machine will run for 1.5 hours straight on 1 charge. Re-charge time approximately 6 hours. Battery charger is built into the machine.

Cleans up to 13,500 square feet per hour. Low 68dB noise rating.

Height adjustable folding handle allows for cleaning in small areas, user comfort, easy storage, and easy transport.

Use on sealed wood, sealed cork, VCT, vinyl,  marble, slate, terrazzo, engineered wood, ceramic, glazed ceramic, laminate, linoleum, quarry tile, porcelain, terra cotta, granite, concrete.

Ideal for use in auto repair shops, auto dealerships, locker rooms, restrooms, gyms, cafeterias, restaurants, convenience stores, kitchens, laboratories, veterinary clinics, kennels

To view the CT15 brochure, click here or to contact IPC Eagle for a demonstration, click here.