26" Scrubtec Ride-On Automatic Floor Scrubber

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4 machines in one - lowers inventory levels. Extremely tight turning radius for narrow aisles and hallways. -65.5" L x 49.6" H x 25.5" W. -Vacuum Motor: 670W / 0.9Hp. -Squeegee Width: 34". Gel battery option provides a completely maintenance free option. No hydrogen off gassing when charging allowing the machine to be charged anywhere. No care required except charging. Completely spill proof. Strobe light and reverse warning sound standard as safety package. Removable brush deck - allows the same machine to be quickly changed without tools from disc to cylindrical for different surfaces to be cleaned. Different deck sizes can be used for increased productivity or ease of use in tight areas depending on the deck used. Rear wheel drive for greater traction than front single wheel units and no traction problem while double scrubbing. Squeegee lifts automatically when put in reverse while brushes continue to scrub. Variable pad pressure depending on the job required Water flow rate is controlled via the pump. The amount of water is determined by the speed of machine. Specifications: Cleaning Width: 26". Brush Deck Side Movement: 2". Squeegee Width: 34". Working Capacity: 32,000 sq ft/hr. Pad Holders: 13. Brush Spread: 14". Brush Speed: 200 rpm. Brush Pressure: 145 lbs. Brush Motor: 125W / 1.7 Hp. Drive Motor: 450 W / 0.6 Hp. Wheel Diameter: 9.75". Drive Speed (Max.): 250 ft/min. Maximum Cleaning Grade: 10%. Solution/Recovery Tanks: 28 gal. / 30 gal. Brush Deck Width: 29.5". Batteries: Wet 36 Volt, 6-6V, 244AH, Gel 6 - 6V, 225AH. Weight: w/o batteries 770 lbs., w/batteries 1,270 lbs.