Lotus 10" Compact Cylindrical Automatic Scrubber (DEMO MODEL)

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DEMO MODEL. The Lotus Series of scrubber/vacuums is specifically designed to give unequaled performance in restoring and maintaining all types of flooring, especially grouted and textured floors. The cylindrical brush design applies much more pressure to go deep into the textured surface than traditional disc brushes, and allow for greater mobility. Lotus scrubbers dispense solution into the brush – continually cleaning the brush. Cleaning solution is scrubbed deep into the surface and a powerful vacuum removes the soiled solution and dries the surface as it cleans. The unique design of these scrubbers makes them easy to use, transport and store. Just flip the switch to clean and dry in any direction, forward and backward, side to side. All Lotus scrubbers are designed with dolly wheels for easy transport from room to room or building to building. Fold down the handle and the 15” unit will fit into the trunk of a car or stand upright to store in a very small foot print. In particularly difficult situations, the vacuum can be turned off for continual scrubbing and better utilization of the cleaning solution. Lotus scrubbers by their design use less cleaning solution than traditional systems. Use Lotus scrubbers to maintain the surface and never have to restore the surface again. The surface will look better and will maintain its non-slip properties to reduce slips and falls. Use on all surfaces, including vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, marble, concrete, stone, ceramic, and epoxy, Excellent for cleaning rough surface floors with non-slip aggregate added. Scrubbing Width: 10", Suction Width: 10", Number of Cylindrical Brushes: 2, Solution Tank Size: 1.3 gallon, Recovery Tank Size: 1 gallon, Power Supply: 110v / 60 Hz, Weight: 33 lbs.